Chat rooms from the 90 s

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It was primitive, by modern standards: Only five people could chat at once, and their messages displayed letter-by-letter as they typed.

But at the time, Talkomatic was something of a revelation.

In those pre-mobile phone days you had to use your landline for broadband access.

Chat rooms from the 90 s-68

Chat rooms from the 90 s-69

Chat rooms from the 90 s-74

For many people it was the first time they could send email, transfer files and use the internet's vast resources to learn.

With a very helpful button on the left that explained how you could use the internet.

While Netscape may have been the original web browser, it was IE that had browser monopoly for years until Mozilla, Google and Safari came along. Square-shaped discs that had only 1.44MB to store all your downloaded information? [Read more: BT Web Protect - switch on your free protection against security threats online] We all became more well-informed thanks to Alta Vista – although it wasn’t as intuitive as Google is today.

Connected2Me doesn’t currently support group chat, but co-founder Ozan Yerli tells me that feature will be added in the near future.

This makes it slightly less robust than the group chats and anonymous profile setups of the late 90’s, but it’s designed on the same idea.

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