Centreon graphs not updating report a dating scam

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Install it on the Nagios pollers that perform this check.

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Describe the results you received: No graphs appear since the update of Centreon CES 3.2 to CES 3.4 Describe the results you expected: Additional information you think important (e.g.In this case the graphs may be "spotty", or partially complete, but have gaps where no data is present.To correct this situation, you will probably want to tune the system.The problem with the graph (storage template) is that the x-axis shows the disk space used rather than the total size of the disk, for example: The check that is producing this data is effectively: ) but I don't know how to tweak the graph to use this as the y-axis scale. Centreon is a great front-end for Nagios, the well known monitoring tool.

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