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You're not his mother.' I thought that was disgusting and I said no," she told Inside because she said something about getting prune juice for him." On top of her personal reasons for refusing, Oxendine said her decision was compounded by the fact that her son, who was born two months premature, is lactose intolerant."He can't have milk," she said.

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"He's great."But the distraught mother said she believes the woman should be held accountable."If I have a choice, I want her criminally charged," Oxendine said.

His mother said he was on a ventilator in the intensive care unit at Mount Sinai Hospital after suffering bullet wounds to his jaw, back, stomach and legs.

Anthony Guglielmi, the Police Department's chief spokesman, said Friday that detectives are "increasingly confident" that the video is authentic and captures a shooting.

“It's kind of like a Facebook Live, like other people can't talk to you or anything.” Although Theoret didn’t contact police about what she viewed on the app, cyber security expert Terry Cutler said she should.

"This is what your mother's pussy smells like," my father told me. " When he said this, I had not yet inhaled, and I was struggling not to do so. He was 6'3" of pure testosterone while I was 5'2" of video-game-trained flab.

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