Burnout drag racing game

The spectators and pit crew on the sidelines are flat, unanimated, bitmaps, but that doesn't really detract at all. The only skill you need to have in driving is starting off quickly and keeping the car from drifting to the right. Wow, gee, that's great, we've got a game here that supports 3DFX, but does absolutely nothing with it but slightly improve the frame rate. The cars roar and the wheels squeal convincingly. After getting burned out on all the real-time strategy games and other types of clones, it's nice to see a game company put out an original title for the PC. While giving us the ability to play with the stock cars in the garage helps add to the realism of the game, any illusion of reality that you might have. About the only thing you couldn't customize was the vehicle's interior, which is a real shame since I wanted to put some fuzzy dice on my dashboard. Some people might have serious doubts about how fun a drag racing game could be, considering that the actual races are so brief, but after giving Burnout a test run. A feature that has been disturbingly left out, however, was a paintbrush kit that would have let players detail the car and its hubcaps. To start off, in order to get the race to begin you have to go through the pre-stage and staging points correctly. Despite my harsh critique, I'm not trying to totally downplay Burnout because it will appeal to some, but I really have a hard time trying to actually recommend this title. Bethesda brings to vivid life all the fun and action of racing in a straight line. Find great deals on eBay for burnout drag racing game. Shop with confidence. Graphics I have never seen Bethesda's X-engine look better. Mar 24, 1998 Burnout: Championship Drag Racing Preview If you can t actually smell your tires burning, is this racing sport worth it? May 16, 2014 Burn Out Drag Racing. 12,565. Antithesis Design Racing. - First do a burnout to heat up your. The hottest drag racing game in the world is now. On top of that, they add the potential for endless fiddling and customization. Basically, the game consists of a tinkering stage and a racing stage. Bottom Line While this game has high polish and detail, I would recommend it to only the most avid drag-racing fans or someone who loves to tinker with cars. Gameplay, Controls, Interface The only complaints I have about this game, unfortunately, are fundamental to its enjoyment.