Build bridges not walls

These words were addressed to priests by Pope Francis at last years Chrism Mass in Rome.  Dont let them woo you over to the dark side.  Ready to break the habit of us vs them, good vs evil, box vs, well, unboxed?  I was genuinely surprised that instead of following them all across the street, she stopped at the light and waited. El es el Sumo Sacerdote de la Nueva y Eterna Alianza quien te ha hecho digno de servirle en su presencia. Pedro, for you, for your wife, Betsy, and your children, and for the members of the Congregation of St. You belong to him and not to me. I urge you to cultivate bonds of unity with the presbyterate of this archdiocese. Al celebrar la Misa y los sacramentos, t haces lo que Jess hizo, o mejor an, permites que Jess contine haciendo su trabajo de salvacin a través de ti. BREAK THE FRAME ACTION : Be a leader that builds bridges and climbs over walls. As the Fathers of the Second Vatican Council taught 50 years ago, the single Church of Christ, which we profess in the Creed as one, holy, catholic and apostolic, subsists. Peter, these words are particularly applicable to you today as you present yourself for ordination as a priest of the Catholic Church. Those people look like theyre always judging everyone. Celibacy, to be sure, is not easy; but then again neither is Christian marriage easy, for both require the gift of oneself in imitation of Christs own gift of himself. The Mass of ordination took place Feb. As a rule, candidates who may aspire to the priesthood in the Ordinariate will be expected to embrace the celibate state. Y a todo esto, se le añade el servicio. We talk about individuals as if they are one big blob of sameness: Those people are lazy. Por tu generosidad al dar de tu tiempo, por tu disposicin hacia el pueblo de Dios, por tu acceso a aquéllos que sufren o tienen necesidad, por tu acercamiento hacia. Louis Church in Pinecrest, where Father Toledo has been attending with members of his formerly Anglican community. Those people just do whatever they want. Photographer: ANA RODRIGUEZ -SOTO FC Archbishop Thomas Wenski lays hands on Pedro Toledo, ordaining him a Catholic priest. That team stinks, everyones on their way out. Jeffrey Steenson, wrote recently to the members of the Ordinariate: Christ the Good Shepherd entrusted the governance of the Church to St. In giving Christs Body and Blood, we priests must also give our body and blood for the life of our people. Jesus on the night before he died prayed that his disciples be one, Ut Unum Sint ; this unity is realized cum Petro et sub Petro (with Peter and under. Y como en la Ultima Cena, cuando instituy el Sacramento de las Ordenes Sagradas, Jess representa su sumo sacerdocio en un gesto simple y sencillo: el lavado de los pies. A priest is to build bridges and not walls. Those people just may be your people. Saturday, February 15, 2014 Archbishop Thomas Wenski - The Archdiocese of Miami.  The potential to change, lead and break the frame is in WE, not ME.  As I kept my eye on them, I noticed that one of the women in the bunch said something to her friends and they clearly marched forward without listening to.