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Putting together a fabulous celebration starts with choosing the perfect theme!

Today we share with you over 100 of our absolute favorite...

Find your name - Free Birthday Song I am helplessly, hopelessly in love with you. Birthday Wishes for a Girlfriends and Wives Even a DOUBLE RAINBOW couldn't make my heart flutter like you do. My love for you is bigger than the sky and deeper than the ocean.

Or, perhaps your spouse is going through a really hard time and could use a pick-me-up.

Whatever the occasion—we have a creative, fun and easy way to let your spouse know you love them by sharing not just... But what do you do when you’re out of ideas and in need of something special?

Sometimes I wonder if I am cast in a Hollywood movie because it seems like a fantasy when I am with you. You are the gift that keeps on giving - even when it is YOUR birthday. My love for you is like the digits of PI - infinite and non-repeating.

You pull me closer like the moon controls the ocean tides. Find your name - Free Birthday Song A thousand years with you would pass in a moment and I would want a thousand more. Our joy would fill the rivers and the valleys and last even beyond the end of time. I love you like a birthday song and a love song all mixed up together.

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