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Welcome to the English Riviera, famous for it's temperate, year round Climate. Torquay and Torbay are the ideal holiday destination for all ages from the young to the young at heart.

A warm welcome awaits every visitor at one of Devon's finest Sea Side Resorts. Livermead Sands is an award winning European Blue Flag beach.

As none of the eagles are banded, it's impossible to know if that pair was more mature in 2014 - or if the original pair returned - but either way, the nesting pair successfully fledged two chicks in 2014. It finally happened and what a great fortuitous way it did fail -- no bird was hurt or is in danger and nobody on the ground was hurt. Great to see the two step process of the downfall: PM and PM yesterday.

Note that the infrared lights installed in the nest cannot be seen by the eagles, only by the cameras. I have been following this White Rock pair for about 19 years in several different nests -- all of which I believe relate to the same territory -- now called the White Rock pair.

You'll see giant bluefin tuna power their way through the water, while hammerhead sharks, pelagic rays and giant green sea turtles swim just inches away.Two chicks were successfully raised to fledging in summer of 2010, 20.We think a different pair tried to nest here in 2013, but they weren't as experienced and their eggs failed to hatch.Much of our equipment was installed without standard operating procedure because we are not operating it in standard ways, and we did what we had to too make things work. Every connection to the nest cam from the ground is working just fine. Without being able to have the camera in hand we cannot do further testing to understand what went wrong. This can mean fines of 0,000.00 and imprisonment for 1 year. There may be someone more knowledgeable about the systems we are using, but at this time that wouldn’t really help.We hope to move toward installing any new equipment we get with better protections in place, and more backups for outages like this one. We have been in communication with AXIS, the camera manufacturer, and they said we would have to wait till we could physically be in contact with the camera to further diagnose it. As much as we love to watch our eagles it would be highly unethical, and highly illegal for us to disturb their nest in any way right now. We have been in contact with AXIS the manufacturer of the camera and the only advice they could offer was to wait till the eaglets fledge.

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