Asp update not updating

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Could also be that the is cached in its Temporary files.

For more information, you could refer to this similar issue.

In that video I was at the step where we had to edit the user information from the form and update it to the database using session. However, this was not working for me and I wasn't getting any error.

Regards, Sumit Bakhli It may be possible that you're not disposing your ISession object.

Hi Folks, We are experiencing a problem with IIS 7.5 on Server 2008 R2. It just keeps showing the old unchanged web service. When published to other web servers all works as it should. Often you may find a need to delete these when you have a deployment.

When we publish changes to a web service (C# in Visual Studio 2010), the changes aren’t showing up when the web service is run. Unfortunately it’s the production server that doesn’t update. It is found under the framework paths so something like "C:\WINDOWS\Microsoft.

The expected result: for the generated HTML to be updated.

The actual result: the old HTML kept showing, even tested on different devices.

NET\Framework\ Thanks so much for your quick responses. It turned out that we needed to publish the modified files to two other servers for the change to take effect.Based on the deployment vs runtime issues article, I went into Kudu Console, clicked edit on the .cshtml file and confirmed that it is updated correctly.However viewing the page through the browser still showed the old version.Tried restarting the web app in Azure Portal, no luck.It seems as though just updating the view somehow does not "compile" the changed view.

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