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I’m so tired of Black people pulling the race card when things aren’t going there way.

That comes in every shape, size, religion, sexuality, gender and COLOR!

This pattern of response led to the bureau’s “most comprehensive effort in history to study race and ethnic categories,” according to Census officials Nicholas Jones and Roberto Ramirez.

“Increasingly, Americans are saying they cannot find themselves” on census forms, Jones said.

Thirty years later, in the Christmas season of 1981, the idea of giving a special Christmas lecture to my introductory archaeology class at Ball State University intrigued me and I remembered Dr. I had kept the notes of that lecture, added some material I had and gave my special Christmas lecture to the class.

From that time forward I annually revised and expanded the material, especially during the holiday season.

Similarly there were gods of the hills and gods of the plains who could only work out their designs, could only favour or destroy men within their own locality ( 1 Kings ).

Hence, when some man belonging to a mountain tribe found himself in the plain and was in need of divine help, he made a pilgrimage back again to the hills to petition it from his gods.

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The Jews have torn our borders open, permitting, indeed cheering, the Third World immigrants who will soon replace the white Christian American majority.

(Middle English, pilgrime, Old French, pelegrin, derived from Latin peregrinum, supposed origin, per and ager –with idea of wandering over a distance).

Pilgrimages may be defined as journeys made to some place with the purpose of venerating it, or in order to ask there for supernatural aid, or to discharge some religious obligation.

It is therefore the broken tribesmen who originate pilgrimages.

Without denying the force of this argument as suggesting or extending the custom, for it has been admitted as plausible by distinguished Catholics (cf. sémit., VIII, Paris, 1905, 295, 301), we may adhere to a less arbitrary solution by seeking its cause in the instinctive notion of the human heart.

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