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Research shows that children 12-25 months old learn better from real time interactive video chat with adults than from educational videos.

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To be sure, Apple offers dozens of securing mechanisms: digital locks, clasps, latches and bolts with which you can secure your i OS device.

But those settings take some thinking about and going through (they're scattered throughout the interface, some in less obvious places than others).

And while Apple support i OS configuration profiles using special files at the enterprise level, there's no consumer-friendly way on an i Pad or i Phone to save all your settings to an "adult profile" versus a "kid's one" for easy swap-outs, say you need to shift from "sky's the limit" freedom to "underground concrete bunker" mode often and quickly.

Researchers have also found that as early as six months of age, babies are able to tell when a person on a screen is interacting them in real time as opposed to the passive screen images they see when they watch TV or a video.

This means that babies can start forming relationships through video chat with others who live far away, especially if the chats are facilitated by the adult who is physically with them (i.e., telling your baby, he’s talking to grandma, pointing and waving at the screen, describing and modeling video chatting).

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